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Friday, December 25, 2015

The "Merry Christmas" Threat

   Holiday and birthday wishes take on a whole new meaning in covert language. "Happy birthday" appears to be a death threat. Aside from almost steady weapon attacks to my brain, periods of being shot with microwaves and dead animals left in the roads. . .this years "Merry Christmas" gift appears to have been the inner destruction of an estranged loved one. I was so stricken with worry and grief that I was up half the night on Christmas eve. What is being done to people's brains is worse than a physical death. I pray that this has not really happened, but know that it already has, to some degree, to nearly everyone whom I have been closest to. It appears that many are suffering brain washings or brain damage and are forced into being controlled by those who target us. The mind control part of the targeting is by far the worst and the silence around this horrible crimes is excruciating.

   But my tears still lit my traditional Christmas prayer candles today.