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Friday, December 25, 2015

More Dead Animals Left in Roads I Travel?

   I am experiencing another round of an unusual amount of dead animals in the roads I frequent. This appears to be another round of death threats. One appeared to be a huge deer, which I hit part of on Wednesday afternoon. A recent puppet plate read the equivalent of "NH Die." And there have been other covert threats. I am worried about a estranged loved ones, since one of their tactics is to aim for them...etc. This new round appears to have been triggered primarily by the fact that it is Christmas time - a time when I have often been more heavily targeted. . .and because of my saying that I am needing to shift more focus onto taking better care of myself on psychological and spiritual levels My trying to focus on inner healing seems to disturb them even more than my exposing the crimes. It has been a regular pattern in the targeting for things to vamp up in ways that increase my distress when I am at my wits end and need to take time to regain my balance. Obviously this can not happen while being targeted but the need for it never goes away. It merely intensifies.

P.S. 12-25-15; A red car in front of me appeared to have thrown a dead squirrel, which was cut in two, out their window.