My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I'm Sorry

   I am deeply sorry if things that I have posted, especially in my early stages of figuring this out, have hurt anyone - I'm sorry about the things I may have been wrong about. Too much is not clear in all of this covert stuff, and deceitful manipulations in the targeting. I pray that the Truths will be clear, someday. Until then its all just too confusing. I am hurting beyond description.
  I am also sorry that I have to keep combing through my posts to add things I forgot to put in...etc. My brain is often being effected by radio waves, especially when they know I am aiming to write something important. (I am also still working on infiltrated computers, which sometimes posses its own problems.) Please re-read the past few posts. Most of what I write lately, seems to be repeats of my past writings. . .reminders of what lingers in my heart and yearns to reach you. Please let it.

I pray for humanity to break free from enslavement, peacefully
 stand up, banish the silence. . .and regain its Freedom. 


I experienced torture levels of microwaves shot into my head as I drove into New Hampshire this morning. Then they also vamped up, at around 8:55 pm, as I thought of posting this on my blog.