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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stranded with a Broken Down Vehicle and Being Technologically Tortured!

    Since early this morning I have been heavily tortured, with what feels like a laser beam drilling into my head above my right eye, as I aim to have my car towed...etc. Excruciating pain in my whole head still at 12:47pm as I post this. 

  After a chain of confusing covert messages, interference with statements I was trying to send to authorities in the USA and the UN, my blog suddenly appeared to have been disabled, my brain was lasered into an angry outburst against those who target me. . .then my car suddenly stopped working on the evening of the 15th. (I feel that my car was intentionally disabled.)
   Since I live in my car, and it contains what little is left of my belongings and writings, this is VERY serious.  I'm praying for strength, but am not feeling strong enough to deal with this, if my car can not be fixed.

   Is it a coincidence that all of this is happening as I aim to write out better statements about the targeting. . .and that I was planning on hand delivering them to the FBI just before my car suddenly broke and left me stranded? I have been trying to cover all the bases and was sending new statements to the United Nations as well, because of my experiences in Peru and Canada, but someone seems to have an issue with this. Last Friday I was lasered as I tried to address an envelope to the UN and my computer was recently shut down as I tried to post my Peru statements. Due to the nature of the targeting this may be manipulations to make me blame America for the targeting. No matter who it is it hurts and its wrong and I desperately need protection from further harm, even though I am homeless.

  Could you please help through passing this
 report to government officials around the world?

I was also in the middle of doing updates on statements in this book when my blog was blocked and car disabled. (I am not able to see this blog on my browsers. I hope you can.)

 P.S. I still can not view this blog on my browsers. It appears to have been disabled right before my car was. I hope other people can view it. So much is happening right now that I erased some of my posts. I'm too distressed to fully figure it all out. And I'm tired of speculating.