My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, October 11, 2015

I'm being tortured again!

   This morning I was microwaved in a way that effected my lungs, as I said something that those who target me disapproved of. Then this stopped and I experienced a painful lasering of my right shoulder for a few hours.

Since around 3:30pm; I am experiencing almost unbearable pain in my head and a loud ring in ears - louder than what is usually there. (And someone tried to block me from posting this on the web.)

8:25pm - the torture to my brain continues! My back (around my kidney) was lasered as an ambulance drove into view of my rear view mirror. I felt sudden stabbing pain that stopped as quickly as it started. When things get this severe I feel scared.

   I have been struggling, while being heavily targeted, to present my videos in proper ways. The usual back and forth between the microwaves in my brain! And I have pulled together a better, COMPLETELY unedited version of my "Targeted Videos" to use as an example of the targeting. Today's torturing of my head started when I was in the middle of reproducing the video that is at the bottom of this playlist;  https://youtu.be/nxy7AYef50g?list=PLQONgELhN0SVk7HddTQakxPYm60tRUH7G