My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, August 21, 2015

Stranded for Four Days

   My car suddenly stopped running and I was swarmed. I ended up in a motel room where I experienced four days of extreme distress and a poor old perpetration puppet in the room next door. Its all too much to write here and I am still feeling stunned. But this left my car and its contents (all of my paper work and journals) exposed to whatever. . .and there appeared to have been a set up to have it stolen after the garage had finished working on it.
   I am very thankful to now have my car back and am praying for a chance to recover, but am still being swarmed! I had needed a chance to recover before this happened! I begged for things to slow down and they got worse!
   Again, I am in desperate need of honest, non-covert help and protection from the technologies that are aimed at my brain and body as well as the covert harassment part that uses community members to deliver covert messages literally everywhere I go.

   This all continues to be so hurtful and devastating to me that its difficult to endure. . .to say the least. The only thing that keeps my hope alive is feeling that our world contains some good, UN-enslaved people who must be trying to make things better. I have never met any personally, but feel that they do exist, around the globe. May God's Light guide their Hearts, keep them safe and give them courage to stand up and save humanity from further destruction.