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Monday, August 31, 2015

Erased and Altered Post

I recently found the post below altered and erased from some of my writings. Some of its
dates of 2012 were changed to 2014. And my old address to Technological Holocaust information, (www.poeticpublications.com/zinfo.html) had been altered.

FYI: When I wrote the "Public Notice" paper it was out of sheer desperation and fear of what is happening. My desperate gropes for proof, at that time, had only found reports on HAARP.
So, this is the only technology I listed in this paper. I have since learned that there are MANY
technologies, scattered around the world, that can be criminally mused for the same purposes.
Please excuse my ignorance, and assumptions through the early stages of my aim to expose
these crimes under conditions that were (and remain) indescribably difficult.

Friday, July 18, 2014; Public Notice Flyer;
As I aim to clean up some of my writings, I am noticing some unusual things around the posting
of information about the Technological Holocaust. I’d printed a little “Public Notice”
flyer/paper on April 24, 2012 and some unusual things have happened around it. My commercial printer (a NH news paper company) made a few delays around taking payment for it and
then sent me a receipt that was dated a month later. After the original files were missing from
my computer, (or dates on them changed) I felt that there were some manipulations happening,
so I hand wrote the printing date on the papers - “4-24-2012.” (I had not printed a date on
it, because my focus was on just genuinely helping to expose this crisis.) Some sort of mind
control must have kicked in on me while I did this, because on SOME of the papers, I wrote
“5-24-2012” - I wrote a five instead of a four. The address of it on some web postings had
been altered. A USB device, which contained a huge chunk of my writings is recently missing
on a day after my vehicle seemed to have been accessed, while it had been disabled for 5
The Public Notice grew from a paper I wrote in February 2012. Below are links to some of my
earlier web writings. Though they are not done very well, and though I have learned a lot since
I posted or printed them, they are what they are and I have decided not to alter or erase

Close to the Original Public Notice Paper;
www.poeticpublications.com/Public Notice 2.pdf
(Previous postings of this address had been altered.)

Original web pages, which had been altered and blocked;

Read on my new "Statements" page to the right of this blog; www.sharonpoetti.

Also download my most recent effort to resurrect the original posts of this blog. This is probably the most complete version with the most recently found alteration fixed on 9-1-2015;