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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Breaking the Lethal Silence

   Yesterday, I walked into a library, which is run by librarians who are obviously part of the covert program, and have repeatedly (and VERY loudly) disrupted me with covert messaging, while I am trying to focus on my writings. I have actually already confronted them several times, but they fail to respect my obvious need for just common levels of peace and quiet in a library.
   On this day, after they started the covert messaging, I flipped to the covert war page of my website, enabled the volume and clicked play on JFK's speech - the one that exposes the covert operation. As the video played through the part where JFK expressed opposition against "secret societies, secret oaths and secret proceedings," one of the librarians quickly rose from her seat and asked, "Do you want a set of microphones?" Though I said, "no," she rushed to get them and plug them in - literally rushed to silence the speech, with a shaky hand.
   Our conversation then lead to her saying that it was "disruptive" for a place like a library. I was glad to hear her understanding of that concept since she and her associates have demonstrated severe levels of disrespect for my rights to not be forced to experience loud disruptions and covert harassment in that library. I brought this to her attention and asked her to respect my need for quiet also. Though the conversation was very amiable, she seemed very nervous. As I got up to leave, I said something like, "That was a speech by a very wise and wonderful man named, President JFK. He died while fighting to expose and stop the covert program that has been infiltrating America - the one that you people belong to. . .and it would be wonderful if you'd just realize. I walked away wondering. . .if they are so nervous about being openly confronted why on earth do they not just stop harassing me and gain a bit of respect? Perhaps their leaders do not allow them to not obey the commands.

   On the day before this, I received a massive amount of messaging from a minister, whom I also (later) directly informed of the covert program, begged him to not participate in it, and told him that members are often unaware mind control victims. It felt like God spoke through me as I said, "Let God reach your heart," as I gave him a hug and walked out.
   Many of the puppets seem like ordinary unaware citizens who think they are into something that is cool and good. But others seem like such severe mind control victims who have lost the Light that usually shines in people's eyes. Its sad that so many are enslaved in that darkness and even sadder that they are being used to harass, recruit or enslave the rest of us.

   I have been feeling so wounded and so fed up, with all levels of the targeting, that it is becoming difficult to not openly confront it, especially since it is so disrespectful that, even in the mildest forms of it, it intentionally aims to deprive me of the peace I have been in desperate need of for too long. I have gone through many rounds of trying to inform the puppets, in between my attempts to completely block them out for the sake of my own sanity.
   When I confront them they treat me like I am the one who has done something wrong, although most of my confrontations and are aimed at informing the puppets that they are being used by criminals.
I feel justified standing up for myself, as well as them, especially since I have repeatedly warned, those who target me, that I will openly confront their puppets when I feel drawn to do so. I have even repeatedly told them, "If you do not want me to inform them, then keep them away from me and leave me alone," but it doesn't work. The covert messaging relentlessly continues and has even often vamped up at times when they know that I am already feeling hurt and irritated. This part of the targeting truly is a relentless psychological torture. I wish they'd find their Hearts and have often said this to them as well. Perhaps someday - perhaps when global media and government officials expose the lethal covert program, and sets its victims free. Until then, we all continue to suffer.

P.S. I am now wondering if some of the recent threats are about something connected to my family, because this morning puppets were gathered at a place I went to and talked about a "family gathering" just before I opened a door to find one standing there with a fist up, as if ready to punch me in the face. Last night one talked about a "fire" as he walked by my car...etc.
   The negative covert messages could mean almost anything or nothing. And they seem to be, as usual, surrounded by deceitful set ups and foolish judgments.  I desperately need all this confusing covert hell to end, including my process of trying to figure out if there is good or bad behind various parts of it and what the cryptic messages mean...etc., because it is literally driving me crazy.
   I have felt, from the start, that the best way to handle this situation is honestly and directly. . .while ignoring as much of the covert messaging as I can, even though they intrusively force themselves into my life, literally everywhere I go. Some of it insists that it is good and is trying to be helpful, but none of the covert stuff feels good to me. This is not helping me. It is hurting me. I know that there are good people in the world, and that covert operations are needed in some arenas, but that is separate from the program that is targeting and recruiting people. Right now it seems like most citizens in America are part of the covert program, and just blindly follow their masters, and this feels too horribly wrong.

It is my request that everyone who chooses to follow the covert program, please either stay out of my life or follow only your own Heart, instead of the covert orders and covert ways, with anything in regards to me.

 I pray for America to soon regain the
courage to openly stand up for Freedom.

    I still strongly feel that the only way this Technological Holocaust has a chance of ending - that the only way we have a chance of regaining our Freedom, is in honest public stands that fully expose it, as well as its methods of distractions. . .so they can not do anymore without it being obvious. Again. . .Please stand up.