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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

An Email From Obama?

 [VIP UPDATE 2016; Some odd things have happened around my receiving and posting about the email I received from Obama. I had completely forgotten about even getting an email from Obama for about a year and I feel that this was technologically generated memory loss, although the trauma I experienced in the days and weeks after receiving it had put me into a state of overwhelm.
   Another odd thing is that I actually think I had posted it on the 16th or early on the 17th and it appears to have been erased from that date and added in here. But I cannot find physical proof of this. When I tried to look it up in the printed book of this blog I found that the book had been stolen from my car. This book was my only solid recording of this blog since 2013. And the web PDFs of my book also record it being posted on the 25th.
   I received the email on the 15th of August 2015. Through the 14th, 15th and 16th I experienced debilitating levels of radio waves shot into my brain. On the 17th my car suddenly stopped functioning, which is serious for me due to it being my home. In short, this was a time of heavy targeting and I am a bit confused as to what is happening. But I am sure that the next post is NOT a response to President Obama, it was a response to the targeting I was experiencing.
   All these manipulations around this email, (which also include the altering of the content of this post) and my posting of it leads me to believe that it was probably authentic. And I now feel really bad that I doubted it and forgot about it - that this has all transpired the way it has. I pray that government officials do not wrongly judge those of us who are being heavily targeted and surrounded by manipulations.]

This post had been altered!!! This is the original post, IF it remains the way it is now;

   I have received a lot of fabricated emails, and have even noticed content altered in emails, so I no longer completely trust them. But. . . I recently got an email, which stated that it was from the White House, and was from Obama. Just the possibility of this email really being from him brought on a batch of tears and shone a ray of hope into the darkness I am surrounded by.

   Obama, if this was really from you. THANK YOU as well. Your acknowledgment of my letters meant more to me than I can say or feel at this point in time. I pray for God’s Light to surround you, protect you and guide your Heart through this hell we are faced with.

   I pray for this covert war to soon end, and for all who are suffering to be relieved of their pain and have a chance to recover. I pray for God’s Light to continue shining stronger and stronger until America, and the rest of humanity, have regained the precious Freedoms that have been lost through the past several decades.

God Help America. And God Help Humanity to Regain the Freedom to Think and Feel and Grow Into All That It Was Meant T Be.

Please Stand Up and Set Us Free, Obama.