My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, August 7, 2015

A Sad Refrain

   Those who target me have been interfering with my writings. Some of the intrusions and alterations to this blog appear to be for the purpose of discrediting, plagiarizing or stealing credit for time frames of the exposure of the crimes I have been witnessing and experiencing...etc. I don’t need any credit for anything, but what has been being done to me feels too horribly wrong and intrusive. 
   A recently published book of this blog, which had been too severely hacked up and infiltrated had suddenly sold three copies directly after being placed on Amazon, and directly before I was more heavily swarmed. (This was edition 9 or 10) I guess that is the one they want to have in the world, but it is not complete or honest.
   Since realizing this I have been trying to resurrect the original version of this blog, but this “resurrection” book was wiped out of my computer and storage devices. Due to it being erased, I am not sure if the pdf I had on the web, and with the publisher, has remained intact. I have also been experiencing my computers being disabled and erased in efforts to force me into libraries that are also infiltrated.
   I feel that I must let this go and not share a book of this blog until I have the freedom and peace to reconstruct the original posts and do the proper edits without interference. I feel sad that it has come to this. But there is nothing I can do to remedy this situation while still being so heavily targeted. I may never be able to. I feel like I have lost an important part of myself.