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Monday, July 6, 2015

Weapon Attacks to Brain

   Yesterday I did a small spontaneous speech at a church, exposing the covert program and my vision of uncontrolled citizens and government officials, around the globe, uniting in a stand against the technological and pharmaceutical crimes against humanity.
 Today I am experiencing painful weapon attacks to my brain through most of the day.

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P.S. My vehicle problems have not been cleared up yet. There appears to be intentional delays to keep me stranded in an area that is more heavily infiltrated. . .and possibly another plan to instigation another problem with it. Last night I was blocked from uploading files on my websites. And the perpetrators have been trying to convince me that things are getting better. I feel that things are worse - that the infiltration in America is at a critical point and is in desperate need of being immediately, openly and honestly stopped. I pray that they do not succeed with disabling my brain, body, car...etc., and are not allowed to continue recruiting and targeting people here in America as well as globally.