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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Update on My Situation

   It appears that my vehicle is again being used to torture me. Constant problems in the same area are like an axe held over my head - like a constant threat to completely disable the vehicle, dump me on the streets and steal what little is left of my personal journals and other writings. I have gone to four garages and a new problem arises, in the same area that was worked on, literally every time. I am on my FIFTH attempt to fix it. This will be the third serpentine belt it needs within a month or two. They seem to just start fraying on their own! The pullies were already replaced, as well as the power steering pump and the power steering rack, which suddenly sprung a drastic leak directly after the first repair of the belt. Are they being lasered or tampered with after the mechanics work on it OR are the mechanics being instructed to keep the vehicle on the verge of breakdown? Either way this is extremely distressing, because the vehicle is now my only home as well as storage for what little is left of my personal belongings. Everything else has already been either taken from me or sabotaged, my country homes, my work, my loved ones, my freedom...etc.
   I feel scared and do not know what will happen next. I had planned to get a storage bin for my belongings so that I will not lose them if they disable my car and have it towed. But this has just been prevented.  They have me up against a wall with my car on the verge of total breakdown. I am under extreme levels of distress. Aside from the vehicle problems I continue to experience laser weapons and microwave weapon attacks, threats, covert harassment and extremely loud noise campaigns.

   I just realized that the dates of the creation of my web pages have been erased on all the index pages. And the index page of my Poetic Publications site is no longer being picked up by search engines on the web.

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P.S. It appears that I am getting covert threats connected to next Monday.