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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Targeting of Deep Feelings and Prayers :-(

   I have mentioned this before, but it is so horrible and so wrong and so intrusive and so harmful that it deserves more attention.

   This evening (around 8pm.) I settled into doing a bit of meditating, which included deep breathing, praying and visualization. As soon as I reached just a shallow depth with it, the usual loud microwave ring in my ears started, and then the dreaded feeling, that seems to be some other form of weapon, and feels like my brain being held in a vice grip. This causes a dull ache through my whole head and face and blocks me. This particular type of weapon attack often happens when I have any depth of feelings - when I feel sad or angry as well as when I pray or meditate. It seems to happen only when my brain shifts into a certain mode - the mode that I need in order to survive.
   Deep meditative prayer has always been a life line for me, especially during tough times. But the freedom to feel and pray, in ways that are natural to me, have been being prevented! This is literally destroying me, on the inside. I am in desperate need of protection from further technological targeting.

Humanity Needs the Freedom to Feel, Pray and Heal


P.S.There are those who say that "If you are truly in the Light you can't be hurt." But this concept does not apply to physical attacks and tortures. And I have only heard it said by perpetrators who seem to use it as an excuse for abuse. Laser weapon and microwave weapon attacks are physical attacks. Even Jesus was not immune to being tortured and murdered. No human body can withstand tortures and attacks with any sort of weapon. And spiritually based people can be sensitive to even just normal levels of radio waves. Heavier doses hurt us. Technological tortures, that prevent the freedom to deeply pray and feel are destroying us! We need these crimes to be acknowledged and exposed and stopped. PLEASE understand and care.

And again. . .

   How can focusing on fixing the little problems (the gang stalking...etc.) have a positive outcome while it is all still being controlled by the big problem - the mind control?