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Monday, July 27, 2015

Perpetual Care Cast in Stone

   Today, I parked under the cool shade of a large maple tree, in a New Hampshire grave yard. The first stone I noticed was a tall majestic looking thing, topped with a cross, and engraved with the name "Leary." How  ironic this seems, as I struggle to survive being heavily targeted while fighting to expose and help stop the technological and pharmaceutical destruction of the Heart of humanity. Over and over again I have had to push past that leery feeling, in order to follow what is left of my heart.
   I gazed past the "Leary" stone and was surprised to see the word "Hart" peeking out from behind it. I shifted my body, to see the whole stone, and found that it was engraved with the name "Hartnett." "What a wonderful name," I thought. "Hartnett." As I repeated the name a vision popped into my mind, of a bunch of evil crows shooting laser beams at the Hearts of Angels in the sky. But as the Hearts popped out of their bodies, they were being secretly caught by a net held in place by other Angels, who planned to return them to their rightful owners as soon as the crows left and thought their heartless job was complete.
   This may all sound a bit too imaginative, but it is VERY realistically symbolic of humanity losing its Heart due to technological and pharmaceutical mind control targeting.
   "Wow," I thought, as I got out of my car to walk over to the "Hartnett" grave stone. But my "wow" turned into something akin to awe as I read the words, which were engraved on its base - "PERPETUAL CARE." These two simple words surely carry enough depth to fuel any level of fading hope for the Heart of humanity to be saved. "That's what we need," I thought, "Heart Nets to catch and restore the Heart of humanity so that Care can never be destroyed." But can "Perpetual Care" really save humanity? I believe it can and will. We just need more of those Heart Nets and for the care to be cast in stone deep enough to remain perpetual as it exposes and stops the lethal targeting. I hope those crows had Heart Nets in place when theirs were shot out. Perhaps they will turn into Doves when their Hearts are replaced. I hope this happens soon.

   That really should be the end of the story, but, as I looked around, I saw a "Flynn" stone. (This had nothing to do with the "Flinstone" cartoon.) The "Flynn" grave stone resembled the "Leary" stone, and I imagined that they may have been competing with each other. . .until I saw yet another, almost identical one, which was engraved with the name "Jones." I came to the conclusion that they were both probably just trying to "keep up with the Jones's." I hope this doesn't offend anyone. I'm just finding all of this a bit too ironic. I'm in one of those rare moods that allows symbology to display a bit of clarity. I'm finding some of this as funny as the rest is heart touching. So, back to the Heart stuff. . .
   If I were to be buried under a stone, what would I want it to be? I'm not sure. But surely something different from most others. Perhaps a simple little heart with a rose engraved into it. . .or a concrete Angel with a protective hand held over her Heart, and a gentle face gazing toward the sky. . .watching over the Heart Net, so that it never falls and forever feeds humanity with Perpetual Care. Perhaps my heart could finally rest there.


P.S. Am I losing my mind? Maybe. And it gets worse; I later imagined that the "Heart Net" could be a protective film, wrapped around the Heart of humanity, which crows and laser beams can not penetrate. In reality this sort of protection, against radio waves, does really exist. Its called radio wave blockers. But, sadly, most of us are not allowed to obtain and use them. :-(