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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"There Are People Dieing. . ."

   Worse than a physical death is the type of death that is taking place in the Heart and Soul of every long term mind control victim. The lasering or microwaving of people's brains, for the purpose of either torturing or controlling them, are horrible holocaustal crimes, which are in desperate need of being exposed so that they can be stopped and Freedom can be restored for all of humanity.

Please Let Your Heart Care

   My writings have a heavy focus on the mind control and pharmaceutical parts of the targeting, because I feel that it is the core problem, which is at the root of most other problems we face in our troubled world. It is not only hurting us, but is also preventing help from reaching us. I feel that it is the most dangerous thing humanity has ever had to face and is in desperate need of being immediately exposed and stopped for the future safety of all of humanity.

Please Stand Up for Humanity

   I am begging, from the bottom of my heart and soul, for leaders of every nation to PLEASE expose and stop criminal use of all sorts of microwave weapons, especially those used for mind control. Please don't let the weapons, or the silence that supports their criminal use, to continue hurting us. I believe that many of you are unaware victims as well. In standing up for us you are also standing up for yourselves and your loved ones.

Please Stop the Covert War

   I am also begging every member of the covert operations, which are used to help target us, to please step out and stand up. I believe that many of you are mind control victims who are being used by people who are destroying your Freedom as well as ours. Please stand up for your own future as well as the rest of humanity.

  Please Stand Up for Freedom From Mind Control

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