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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Microwaving of My Lungs to Mimic "TB"?

   Just a day or two before last nights sudden infliction of raw pain in my lungs, a puppet delivered the message "TB." (This is a common terrorizing technique) I have not been sick and my lungs feel like they are being microwaved in a way that is unusual. I remember microwave expert General Barrie Trower saying something about how they can make a person's lungs bleed with microwave targeting.
   I have also noticed a chemical odor suddenly appearing where I have been frequently parking. But the attack to my lungs felt more like a microwave attack, rather than a chemical one, because it came on later and so suddenly. It appears that they may be again doing one thing and then are trying to cover it up with something else.

   In the past couple years there appear to have been repeated attempts to have me shoved into a hospital, where I'd be far more vulnerable to those who target me. I feel that the medical profession is more corrupt than anything else. They are also again aiming to disable my vehicle.  I am in deep need of honest, open, protection from further targeting.

I pray they do not succeed.