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Wednesday, June 24, 2015


How can focusing on fixing the little problems (the gang stalking...etc.) have a positive outcome while it is all still being controlled by the big problem - the mind control?

   I have gone through rounds of responding to the popular push to focus more on exposing the smaller parts of the targeting. But, through it all, my heart and soul keep asking that same question; How can the little problems be effectively taken care of while the big problems are still manipulating the whole situation? Wouldn't the little problems be automatically fixed as the big ones, which cause them, are fixed?

   My edits to this blog, and the book of it - Ramblings of a Targeted Individual, have focused on removing names and anything that may be too offensive. In recent edits I have also aimed toward bypassing the smaller parts of my difficulties with the targeting, in order to bring more of a focus onto the larger problem, which is hurting EVERYONE - heavily targeted victims (like myself) as well as those who are enslaved in the covert program, which I believe includes government officials as well as citizens in America as well as globally. But it appears that more than this is being done to my writings.
   I have recently noticed that edition 7 (possibly 5 and 6 also) of the book of this blog has been being wiped out of my files and my websites. These editions contain more than this blog does. It seems like, as I do edits other things may be being altered or wiped out by those who target me and infiltrate my computers. I am concerned that perpetration may be manipulating something with the altering of my writings. But I am not sure what it is. And, until I am able to FREELY comb through my writings and figure it all out, I have re-posted edition 7 on Amazon, although it is in need of some decent editing and also may not have remained authentic. I pray that those who target humanity do not succeed with their manipulations. . .whatever they are.

Here are two editions I just re-posted

May the Good Win.