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Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Deadly Misconception

   Those who target us seem to have convinced officials, around the globe, that silence will prevent panic and help the situation. But I feel that the reverse is true - that the silence has helped this crisis to grow through many decades now. They are not to blame. They are victims of this as well. But the misconception needs to be broken, instead of erased from my writings...etc., which has happened with the erasing of a page which cried out for government to expose these crimes, in the original public writing of my Targeted in America book. I have felt afraid that, when that page was erased, it marked the time of a decision to keep this crisis hidden, which feels like a horrible mistake that serves only those who target us all.

I strongly feel that FULL awareness calms the confusion and helps people to pull together and support each other. People pulling together to support each other calms the fear.  And people having the opportunity to pull together and support each other, instead of being kept in separate pools of confusion and fear, is how Love can conquer the stealth of hate.

   But oddly, people seem to even be being brainwashed into thinking that those of us who are fighting to expose and stop these crimes, while being heavily targeted, are the ones who are instilling fear - are the "terrorists." How much more backwards can things possibly get?!!! Its the silence that is keeping people in a state of fear and confusion and fighting for Freedom in a covert war that is helping to destroy every Freedom humanity has ever known.

Please help break the silence that
Is helping them to hurt us all

Silence Hurts! 


This post was inspired by what appeared to be a covert accusation of me being a "terrorist" for aiming to expose these crimes in the previous post.