My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Attacking of my Dreams, my Heart - my Soul

   This morning (at around 3am) I experienced a sudden attack to my brain while I was having a dream. I was jolted awake with a sudden infliction of pain shooting into the top left part of my brain, nausea and an urge to run for the bathroom. . .then pain in my heart. This is not nearly the first time I've experienced a weapon attack while having a dream. Attacks have also often happened when I have any sort of depth of feeling and even when praying with any level of intensity. Even when I'm not undergoing a severe attack there is an almost constant ring in my ears - an intrusive, numbing, distracting reminder that I have no freedom and no privacy. . .not even for praying.

I am in desperate need of protection from further harm.

 The technological destruction of our Hearts and Souls is JUST TOO HORRIBLY WRONG and should not be allowed to continue. Please do all that you can to quickly stop criminal use of microwave and laser weapons.


   As I write this puppets are swarming me. I had rushed to an all night gas station after being so cruelly woken. They are angrily slamming doors and beeped a horn as I post this. . .as if I am supposed to let them torture me and not say anything about it! The torture level of pain is still in my head and I still feel nausea an hour later. Like every other time when being tortured I find myself wondering how long it will last and if I will be less whole and more damaged when they are through.

Later; I'd  had a prophetic dream, long ago, which stated that doors were not going to be allowed to open for me until they finish taking something out of me. Exactly what this "something" is, what the door is and what it all implies about how much control the perpetrators have. . .is unclear, but does not look good. It is probably about the destruction of part of my brain - the part that has continued to be lasered all day today - the part that has been being damaged in an uncountable number of other victims of these crimes. Though forewarnings are for prevention I do not know if this is preventable, because it depends on other people being here for us. I have tried in every possible way and have been unable to reach the heart of anyone who will acknowledge these crimes or dare to stand up against them with me or any other victim I know of. And there are still ongoing efforts to covertly force me into the enslavement program under the guise of a "rescue."