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Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Atempted "Accident" and Another Chemical Attack

   Early yesterday, a puppet had said, "I hope they take her car" and, within a few hours, a car pulled into a street in front of me and then quickly backed out into my lane. Was this a puppet trying to make me get into an accident that would look like it was my fault? It appears so.

   A couple days ago, I approached the yogart section of a grocery store, as a woman wearing a back pack quickly walked away from the spot I usually head for. Then I suddenly had a sneeze attack. . .as if I had breathed in something. . .and now have a problem with my sinuses and deep dark circles under my eyes. I think its largely due to the microwaves, though. I am wondering if some of the localized chemical stuff is sometimes used to hide the symptoms of remotely inflicted weapon attacks. This appears to also be happening with the lasering of my vaginal area. After I posted that I had cuts and bruising from weapon attacks. . .they suddenly started a process of putting some sort of chemical or bacteria on toilet paper. This has created an ongoing uncomfortable and sometimes painful problem that has not let up since the fall of 2013. There seems no way around it. I could use toilet paper that I keep with me in my car, but they access my vehicle as well.

Please help stop these sorts of crimes from continuing.

   Yesterday I continued to experience a laser attack to my brain, and/or residual effects from the 3:00am attack, through most of the day. Between periods of pains shooting into my head I tried to focus on my writings, but was not very successful. I did a lot of frustrated venting and let my mind spin in circles trying to figure out how the targeting and the covert war can be stopped. I came up with no solutions, that I can accomplish on my own and while being so heavily targeted, accept for continuing with my writings, and be as objective as I can, in between being attacked and harassed, which is too overwhelming and painful to do a very good job, but I am plugging on. . .and I hope it reaches those who need it or can do more.

Please read and share this site;

P.S. My computers and email are still infiltrated so please just be aware and disregard anything unusual. Recently I had tried to respond to an email and, each time I pushed the reply button, the page shifted into looking like an email had already been sent.