My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Stand

   I have felt shocked each time I back up and look at the scope of what is happening to people through the technological and pharmaceutical part of targeting

   My own experiences with being targeted, sometimes literally tortured, continues to hurt me in depths that are difficult to fully explain. I can understand, through direct experience, how easy it is to let anger and misplaced blame rise from the well of pain that grows inside heavily Targeted Individuals, especially when we are not aware of the pharmaceutical and technological mind control parts of the targeting, which are used to victimize our own loved ones against us.
    Remotely inflicted Technological mind control is the most hidden and disbelieved part of the targeting. I have been warned, since my initial contacts with TI's on the web, to not openly mention mind control, due to reports of Targeted Individuals being institutionalized, or destroyed in other ways, for exposing it. But I have witnessed too much of it's destructive effects, on too many people, to be silent about it. . .no matter what the outcome. 
   As I began to fully realize the mind control parts of the targeting, I began feeling more compassion for some of those who have been literally enslaved and used (as puppets) to harm me. I feel that there is no excuse for criminal or harmful behaviors; no one should be allowed to intentionally hurt fellow human beings, in any way or form. BUT there is a core element in some of the crimes that are being committed against ALL of us, which cannot be ignored, because it is what turns decent people into criminals. . .and this is what should be stopped above and beyond all else. . .for the safety and wellbeing of all of humanity. I feel that criminal/sadistic use of mind control technologies and the pharmaceuticals, which aid their success, are our worst enemy and it must be stopped, because it is hurting us as well as the puppets who are used to hurt us.  There are victims on all sides of this covert war.

   There was a time when all I felt was deeply hurt by loved ones who turned against me. I had pulled away from some of them in the early 1990s, but it continued and one of them even later slandered me on the web saying things like, "Disasters happen everywhere she goes because she is evil...etc." (This was just before the Alstead, NH flood wiped out my neighborhood.) A list of things like this could go on and on and on.  My loved ones have been used to target me in ways that have hurt me indescribably.      
    Even my own daughters had been brainwashed into trying to institutionalize me. They have been victims of covert targeting since before birth. Both of them are mind control victims. Both of them have gone through episodes of being physically and emotionally tortured in various ways. They may not remember it, due to the brainwashings, but I do. I have to try not to think of this much, because there is nothing I can do about it. . .and I hurt so much for them that it is unbearable, literally. I had to take a break from writing this due to being so struck with grief over what they have gone through and what they have been deprived of. . .and the fact that I was not able to protect them from it. My pain is excruciating, but their pain may be greater than mine if they ever realize what has happened to us. And I pray that they do get a chance to realize it so they can start healing from it.

   Most long terms Targeted Individuals seem to experience loved ones being brainwashed against them, but do not seem to understand why or how. While being tortured, and having every possible source of support and help cruelly torn from us, it’s easy to blame the ones who are used to hurt us. But the core truth is that they are also being hurt - they are victims as well.
   Since I started gaining an understanding of the mind control and pharmaceutical parts of the targeting, then looked back at events that prove how my loved ones are technological mind control victims, I feel for them as much as myself. . .sometimes more so. Like I have stated before. . .

We are all victims of hell
Surely me, but them as well.

 The whole targeting process of pitting family members against each other is probably the most excruciating part of the sadistic/satanic targeting. The same thing is happening on a larger scale, with government and citizens being pitted against each other.
   I believe that many people, from all walks of life, are unaware mind control victims. If we keep blaming "the government" and our families, instead of addressing and stopping the core problem, which is hurting them as well. . .perpetration keeps winning and the lethal covert program keeps growing. Hasn't this already been happening for too long?

      Perhaps part of the problem, with the right government officials not yet standing up for us, is the possibility of new microwave detection technologies having a filter built into them, which prevents the detection of the frequencies of microwaves, which are used for mind control. Perhaps the extent of the technologically inflicted mind control is not as well known as it needs to be. And the secrecy is aided through witnesses and victims, like myself, being threatened and tortured into exposing only the "gang stalking" instead of the more destructive, and more easily proven, technological parts of the targeting.

  ALL of humanity is in desperate need of criminal use of mind control technologies being exposed and stopped as quickly as possible. Not only to stop the damage that is being inflicted, but also to allow the understanding, which is needed for victims to fully recover.
   PLEASE face and help stop the lethal reality of technological mind control, that is either torturing or enslaving, growing numbers of people. . .while most of us blame only the victims who are used as puppets under the worst of criminals. Some of those puppets were good people who would not engage in such criminal behaviors without being tortured or force medicated/drugged and technologically controlled. I really do sometimes hurt for them more than I hurt for myself, because I know some who have been tortured or brain damaged and may never be able to recover.  People are being hurt in all parts of this hell. And the hurt just needs to stop.

    Does my stand mean that I will finish being destroyed? My heart and soul feels that I must continue standing up anyway.  I cannot live with even just the thought of intentionally aiding the continued destruction of people's lives ; of people's hearts and minds and their natural process of personal growth. . .through obeying the demands for silence.  Please stand with me - please help expose, and stop the growth of, these horrible crimes against humanity.