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Friday, May 29, 2015

Intrusive Alterations

  I’ve had a serious problem with my computers being infiltrated by those who target me, and have periodically found alterations to my writings. This morning the red word - (their) in the article below, was inserted by those who have infiltrated my computer. This, as well as many previous alterations, have made me wonder about how much of this has been done without my realizing it. Its amazing how just the changing or misspelling of one word, or the plugging in of one word, can alter the whole meaning of a statement or make it too confusing to keep the reader interested. . .and I guess this is their intention. But today's alteration seemed a bit senseless.
   Unfortunately I have no way of protecting my computer or purchasing a new one. In the past, when I've tried to have my computers fixed, the shops used to call them "viruses." Those are the only times that I have heard the intrusive behaviors of stalkers referred to as "viruses."

Please do not let this discredit the rest of my writings, because I find that changes do not happen after I print them. Its just getting to that printing process that the alterations have been made. I have had to repeatedly comb through my writings. And most of them have been printed and also put in different formats.

 Altered Excerpt From Microwave and Laser Weapons Article

   Some reports state that the types of microwave and laser weapons, which are used on (their) Targeted Individuals, are locally operated from nearby buildings or vehicles. Some state that it is being done through cell phones, computers and other technologies being flooded with unusual concentrations of radio waves (microwaves). Some state that the beams of radio waves are being directed through satellites and/or through the types of technologies that bounced radio waves off of the ionosphere in order to be redirected to a distant target. Some state that people are being targeted through a network that utilizes things like cell towers. And some cover the crimes and try to make us look crazy for standing up against them.
    Common sense tells me that any technologies, which can emit and direct radio waves can be criminally used. If satellites can direct radio waves to a person's home or computer for internet access, they can also direct them, in more intense frequencies, at a person. Many of my experiences have proven to me that this is indeed happening (VERY remotely) and that it is being done in conjunction with satellite surveillance systems, no matter what other technologies are being used.
   Research can be difficult, because privately owned laser technologies, and their criminal applications, are not publicly advertised. And neither are those that were designed as weapons for secret military use. But I hope you let your Heart give my testimony, and that of other targeted individuals, the benefit of your doubt, because we are being hurt and are in need of people believing us and protecting us from further harm. This could benefit you as well, because criminal use of radio wave technologies can only grow and get worse until it is openly detected and stopped.

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