My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, May 11, 2015

Break the Chains of Secrecy

   Judging by my experiences and insights. . .those who do the technological targeting thrive in, and succeed with, covert secrecy and keeping heavily Targeted Individuals separate from all genuine sources of help.

Please Break the Chains of Secrecy and Save Our Lives

   I pray that the chains of secrecy, which support torturous technological targeting, pharmaceutical harm, covert harassment and human enslavement are soon shattered, the crimes stopped and recovery beginning. I pray that people around the globe, especially those who hold influential government and media positions, quickly pull together in groups and let their Hearts openly stand up against these crimes for those of us who are being harmed. . .ultimately for all of humanity.

   I pray that, if criminal use of microwave and laser weapons can not be quickly stopped, they be somehow disabled. The destruction, pain and torture, that many of us are experiencing, is just too horrible and wrong to be allowed to continue and grow. For the sake of all of humanity, please help bringing this holocaust to an end. Please.

Please Stop These Crimes, Before its Too Late for Too Many.

Even if people were standing with me I'd still be in deep need of protection from ALL levels of the targeting.