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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Biblical Forewarning Awaiting Prevention

   The whole covert targeting process of pitting family members against each other is probably the most excruciating part of the targeting that many of us are experiencing. The same thing appears to be happening on a larger scale, with government and citizens being pitted against each other, especially here in America. I believe that most of it is being done with mind control technologies, which are aided by pharmaceuticals that are being forced upon humanity in a variety of ways.

    We have been forewarned of this destructive process, of dark forces pitting family members against each other, through the Christian bible as well as other sources. I feel that forewarnings are for prevention and that this one is long over due.  I feel that we are being called to stand up and save the Heart and Soul of humanity from further technological targeting.

       Perhaps part of the problem, with the right government officials not yet standing up for us, is the possibility of new microwave detection technologies having a filter built into them, which prevents the detection of the frequencies of microwaves, which are used for mind control. Perhaps the extent of the technologically inflicted mind control is not as well known as it needs to be. And the secrecy is aided through witnesses and victims, like myself, being threatened and tortured into exposing only the "gang stalking" instead of the more destructive, and more easily proven, technological parts of the targeting.

  Please do all that you can to expose and stop the lethal technological and pharmaceutical targeting of humanity. . .not only to stop the damage that is being inflicted, but to also allow the understanding, which is needed for victims to fully recover.

I believe that Michael Jackson was a heavily Targeted Individual so this song seems very appropriate to again share.