My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Monday, March 2, 2015

Please Read the Following Articles

 And please help spread the word as quickly as possible.

Connecting the Dots Between False "Depression" and other "Mental Illness" Labels, Harmful Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals, Microwave Targeting and Eugenics

    Become Aware of the Deceitful Recruiting Process of the Covert Program
Are those who think they are being rescued really being enslaved?


Calling All Hearts Paper

Is it a coincidence that the "Gulf War Syndrome"
symptoms mimic that of microwave targeting?

Cry for Global Governmental Help

Its safer to stand in the Light.
I believe that the covert operation is infiltrated by, if not slyly run 
by, those who target us. Please stand up for humanity’s Freedom.

Please Read the Technological Holocaust Site

P.S. I ripped up a lottery ticket on Saturday afternoon. This must mean that I am "mentally ill." ;-) Only kidding. It actually means that there are more important things than money. (Please see the humor and listen to your Hearts above all else.)
   I keep getting threats about getting in trouble for "back taxes." I'm not sure what its about, but I've been so poor that any discrepancies, which may or may not have really been found, couldn't be much. 

I am feeling way too alone with all this.

God, please let there be
At least one Heart
Who cares to stand up for me.