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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More Chemical Warfare!

   A few days ago, I walked into a library study room where it appears that I was again infected with some sort of chemical and/or bacteria. I smelt a bacteria/moldy type odor and my lungs severely constricted, and I felt light headed, as soon as I sat down to work on my laptop.  The area I was heading for being intentionally infected by those who target me was validated by a strong lysol type of odor outside the room, which I noticed as I left. Apparently they did not want to be infected with what they hit me with.
    The heavy restriction feeling in my lungs continued through the next day and has now turned into some sort of lung infection. This has been, as usual, surrounded by puppets coughing. There have also been puppet messages about quarantine and hospitalization - situations that perpetration would gladly aim for, because they could be potentially lethal for me. Am praying they do not succeed. This attack is, as usual, happening as I aim to update a book . Please freely download and share this new edition of Technological Holocaust, which is a "Call for the Heart of humanity to stand up and save itself from technological destruction."

Update on Chemical Attack (3/26/2015); This attack has been an unusual one. When it felt like I had breathed in some sort of chemical my lungs suddenly felt suppressed. . .almost like they had been coated and I was not getting enough oxygen. (I had not been sick prior to this.) This subsided in a couple days - it seemed like I was recovering from it. Then I suddenly started experiencing rounds of massive fluid accumulations in both my lungs and nose.  I believe this has most likely been microwave induced, because I do not have normal cold or flu symptoms, although it APPEARS like it. I have had no fever. My temp has actually been periodically dropping to as low as 97.2, which is what has happened to me during extreme levels of microwaving. The nose congestion is clear and only happens during sudden fluid accumulations in my lungs, which I practically choke on. (I have no sinus cold) During these attacks my arms ache in ways that are not normal and sometimes severe. . .as if nerves are being effected. (I have never experienced this with a normal cold or flu.) After a couple episodes of what felt like a vibrational lasering of my throat, my voice suddenly became hoarse. Yet I have no sore throat at all. Ironically, as I began feeling seriously ill, I got a call from an organization who offered me medical insurance. . .an effort that could enable them to hold me in a hospital even against my will. 
   This chemical attack appears to have swung into being a microwave attack and is still happening and appears to be an attempt to make me feel so ill that I end up in a hospital where I'd have no protection - no locked door between me and the medical puppets of those who target me and have become a more serious threat to my life lately

The only real defense is to expose and stop 
the technological and covert targeting.

P.S. I received a strange phone call today -  when I answered I heard a phone ringing ad someone answering before being cut off. . .as if I were the one who made the call. Am praying for protection for us all. . .especially my father whom I am getting puppet messages about. Hope we all soon get the protection we need. 
   I suddenly have a bunch of undeleteable files, with odd numbers and symbols, on my USB thingy and this has me concerned. Its very difficult working on infiltrated computers. I have no idea what will happen next. But I hope for the targeting and the set ups and the terrorizing to stop soon.