My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, March 27, 2015

Another Threat?

  4:51pm; A puppet just walked by me and said, "Kidney fry." There is not much that they have not threatened to do to me. I am still feeling the effects of the chemical/microwave attack to my lungs. Repeated past threats were to give me COPD. This is literal terrorism. They keep threatening one thing after another and perform laser or microwave attacks to make to look like they are actually doing it. I've also experienced several rounds of them threatening to make me blind or otherwise physically disabled.


Hang in there Targeted Individuals.
God's Light shines for us.

Update; (March 4, 2015) As the lung thing gets better new rounds of lasering my heart start again. I feel certain this is being done with a laser weapon because as it hit my heart and I felt pain I suddenly shielded my heart and turned my body and then felt a blast of pain in my back. I am experiencing round after round of one thing after another! They are also covertly threatening to either steal or again disable my car and literally force me onto the street and into going with them. I pray for them to not succeed and for decent people to find the Heart to stand up with us against these crimes.