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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Unusual Lasering of my Head

The Silence Hurts More!
   Since I posted the article below on the eugenics page of my Technological Holocaust website, I have been experiencing an unusual lasering of the back left side of my head. This has me concerned because, aside from the usual intense ring in my ears, it is causing heat flashes in my left ear and pain that even extends into my neck and shoulder. I'm also getting repeated messages that say time is running out.

   If you are on psychiatric pharmaceuticals, especially for what is labeled as "depression" you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to read and share this article.

Connecting the Dots Between Microwave Targeting, False Mental Illness Diagnosis and Harmful Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals; 

Technological Holocaust Site

P.S. (2-20-2015) The torturing completely stopped directly after I posted this, and then restarted a few hours later. I experienced torture levels of laser shots to the left back side of my head through most of last night. Aside from the usual physical pain and ring in my ears I experienced heat flashes in my left ear and pain so bad that it radiated through my whole head, into my neck, shoulder and arm and prevented sleep. "Shut up" a foolish puppet barked out as I write this in a pizza place on an infiltrated computer. Was I tortured for talking in the privacy of my own car or for writing about the targeting. . .or for the previous post about HEART, which seems to anger them more than anything I share?