My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Friday, February 27, 2015

Just To Be Totally Clear

    I have said this many times, but people seem to not be understanding.

 I DO NOT WANT TO BE USED IN THE COVERT WAR, because I do not believe that ANYONE should be targeted. . .not even those who target me.  Due to criminal manipulations  around victims I am also concerned that innocent people are being targeted, by different groups. I am too overwhelmed with dealing with the targeting to deal with anything else, especially confusing covert stuff. And I want no part of any rogue covert group that is engaged in raging wars, even IF the intentions were good and/or not perpetration controlled.  PLEASE DO NOT USE US, WHILE WE CONTINUE BEING TARGETED, INSTEAD OF HELPING US, because it merely ads to our confusion and pain at a time when we desperately need the opposite.
     IF YOU CAN NOT HELP ME IN THE WAYS THAT I NEED IT THEN PLEASE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE. And I still need just open and honest government acknowledgment and protection from further harm for myself and others who are also left to suffer in ways that no human being should be.
    I do NOT want to join or hide behind the covert operation, which I feel is infiltrated with, if not slyly run by, those who target me. I believe that it is an enslavement program that will only show its true colors when its too late for those who have been lured or forced into it. . .IF it is not soon exposed and disbanded.
Even if no one cares to stand with me, I still do NOT want to escape into the covert program. In 2004, I had a dream which showed those who are doing the targeting zooming in to "rescue" people in order to slyly enslave them under the guise of "help." And, as I have stated before, it appears that they USE decent people in the foreground of this operation, which makes it VERY difficult to sense the danger. It is best for me to just not trust anything that is covert and even remotely questionable.
    I do NOT want to carry on dysfunctional covert conversations with ANYONE, because CLEAR communication can not happen covertly and this leaves too much room for misinterpretation.
    If there are people who GENUINELY want to help me I wish you'd let your Hearts find the courage to fully stand with me. I sooooo need you! But if you can't help me in the open honest way that is deeply needed, then please just leave me alone, because I am already surrounded by too much confusing covert messaging, which ads to my already off the charts levels of distress instead of helping.

    I am deeply concerned that the criminal covert program (the enslavement program) may still be growing uncontrollably due to public lack of awareness of its intent and effect. I feel that most people would not allow themselves to be recruited - coerced or forced into the program (often under the guise of a "rescue") if they were made aware that it is an enslavement where citizens are being used by organized crime at its deceitful worst. I wish we could ALL be helped. . .at least through government acknowledgment of these crimes, because the secrecy adds to our distress. In my heart I know that the good parts of our government must have good reason, but when I am being tortured. . .it is sometimes difficult to be objective and understanding.

    I am experiencing a third round of threats to make me "blind," which appears to be a terrorizing tactic to try to make me want to escape. But I feel that those who swarm me to offer the "escape" are also controlled by perpetration.
   Two puppets encroached on my space in Dunkin Donuts today. I did my best to ignore them, but when one of them loudly said, "She's going blind," while rubbing her eyes, the way I was doing earlier today. . . it sent red flags up. Then they finished proving to be perpetration puppets when they got up to leave and said, "We have a fish to fry," after I confronted them through letting them know that the covert program was really an enslavement program and that puppets, like them, are used to harass people...etc. They were not very happy with me. I foolishly barked out, "Well, fry it with compassion." (I don't know where that came from!) Then I experienced sudden sharp excruciating pain in the lower back of my head, neck and shoulder. I believe I was being lasered/tortured for speaking out. This is happening a lot lately. It happened first thing this morning directly after I spoke to Sunshine in the supposed privacy of my car.

    FYI: Sunshine is my little yellow stuffed animal. Tom Hanks had "Wilson" in the Castaway movie and I have my little Sunshine who helps me to feel less alone. I've experienced being lasered for talking to Sunshine in the privacy of my own car several times lately. This new form of lasering has been almost unbearably painful. Today's last hit was about 9 on a scale from 1 - 10. I could hardly move. This of course prevented me from jumping up to get the plate number of the perpetration puppet ladies, who were probably fairly high level since they appeared sort of wealthy. I hope they find their Hearts and realize that they are being used in organized crime. But the threat they issued as they left makes it look like it may be some time before they can put Heart above what they are either following or are being controlled by.

P.S. It feels like I am being tortured in attempts to FORCE me to leap into the covert operation and I DO NOT WANT TO GO! It appears that I am also living under an increased threat of my vehicle being disabled or stolen, especially since they forced me to move what is left of my belongings into it. I pray for decent honest, pure protection from ALL that they do to me.