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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gods Hands Work Through Our Hearts

   Over and over again I have heard or read things like, "God will stop the targeting and save humanity." And I FULLY believe this to be true. . .and that groups of people must openly stand up against these crimes, in order to save humanity from further destruction. We can not just sit and pray and wait for it to happen. I feel to the core of my heart and soul that God is reaching into our Hearts and offering us the strength and courage to stand up, expose and stop all levels of the lethal targeting. Enough of us must listen to that calling - we must take peaceful action, in order for God to accomplish the job. Are you doing your part to publicly and honestly expose and stop covert operations that rage wars against innocent citizens and victims of technological and pharmaceutical crimes? Are you doing your part to openly stand up for Freedom from all that harms and denies our basic human rights?

If you can not think of anything better to do 
please print and share the following papers.

Connecting the Dots Between Microwave Targeting, False
"Mental Illness" Diagnosis and Psychiatric Pharmaceuticals;

Calling All Hearts (One page paper)

The Heart Bud Publication

P.S. Relentless rounds of various types of targeting continue! I continue to experience painful rounds of  hits from microwave and/or laser weapons as well as chemicals put on toilet paper...etc. My writings and links on my sites are being interfered with. I am often having to fix links and remove the, " target="_blank" thing that is being plugged into them on this blog.
   Recent attempts to shove me into a false "mental illness" label and medicated appear to have shifted back into attempts to frame me, since I exposed it. The foolish puppets have been doing another round of literally following me around with children. Some even appear to send their children over to me. I still can not understand how they could frame me for pedophilia, since its so far from my nature, but perhaps just their trying would be enough to destroy my reputation. And this seems to be their goal. So sad that I can not be kind to these children out of fear of the framing. One little boy ran over to climb into the booth I was sitting at and I sternly said, "Go to your mother!" I felt so bad for him. Poor thing! How a parent could use a little child in these crimes is beyond me. I feel so warn out and frustrated and hurt that I have to fight, every day, to not let hopelessness take over. I wish there were genuine honest open help for us.   
   There appeared to be another attempt on my life this afternoon. It appeared that puppets were trying to lead me to a building where they claimed "help" would be there for me. I never went to the building. But when I walked by I smelt a strong odor of some sort of gas. What would have happened if I'd gone to the door and opened it? Perhaps I don't want to know. As this happens I am also surrounded by what appears to be threats to disable my car again. . .and promises of help that I can no longer believe is really there until it follows through and is openly and fully HERE with honesty and the Heart to stand up for humanity as well as me.