My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, January 11, 2015

When a Nation is Great

 A Nation is truly great when its citizens and government
 can stand up for its virtues while admitting its faults.

I believe that America's virtues rest in its constitutional rights
 for its citizens - in its aim for Freedom, Liberty and justice for all. 

   An eagle flew to sit in the top of a tree in front of me while I wrote this. Three dark crows circled it while loudly squawking, (as if trying to influence it) but the eagle stood strong and the crows flew to a nearby tree. I cried when the eagle swooped down toward me as I finished making this picture and my desperate need for hope cried, 'There is hope for America to rise above this crisis and stand strong.'

   Ok! So I'm either totally nuts or this really happened. ;-) I have a thing about birds. And this experience was incredibly symbolic of our situation. Two crows followed the eagle, at an inconspicuous distance, as it flew off, but my first thought was that it is strong enough to shake them off.


God help America