My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Our only enemy is that which pushes us to
 fight each other, instead of Loving each other.

   This picture is the only one that this blog program is currently preventing me from posting from the menu. I have to copy the html code from other places. This gives us an idea of what sort of group is targeting us. Please share it and let it sink into your Heart.

   I am deeply sorry if anyone is upset by my posts. It is not my intention to make waves. But sometimes waves must be made, in order to calm a turbulent sea. This crisis we are faced with is harming so many people that I just can not join the silence that has been supporting it. . .not even to save myself.
   I believe that there is good in our world - a goodness that will rise above the darkness, which strives to engulf it. There is a desperate need for the horrible crimes that are being committed against humanity, to be exposed and stopped.  These crimes include the enslavement of human beings in a covert program (secret society) where they appear to be unaware victims of mind control technologies and are used to help target fellow citizens. Some of their victims are being inflicted with brain damage. Others, like myself are literally being tortured with laser and microwave weapons...etc., around attempts to force us into that covert enslavement. Because I refuse to go, I am under the threat of being jailed, institutionalized, discredited with a false "mentally illness" label, physically disabled, killed or inflicted with brain damage.

There is something horribly wrong happening in our world and there is a desperate need for it to be exposed and stopped as quickly as possible. Please do all that you can to help.