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Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Only Enemy

Our only enemy is that which pushes us to
 fight each other, instead of Loving each other.
   I am faced with a very difficult situation where I am struggling to survive, psychologically, while radio wave weapons intrude upon my brain...etc. I am in desperate need of protection and I wish for all who engage in the covert war to find the Heart to stop the targeting of fellow citizens and stand up for what is right. . .for your own sakes as well as that of all of humanity.

 Letter from my Microwaved Heart
I have gone back and forth with my dilemma, feeling unsure of how to handle it, while surrounded by covert confusion and having microwave weapons drilling into my brain. And I have hit a point where I must, irregardless of what anyone else may prefer, publicly write these letters straight from my heart, with the hope that they reach ALL who can benefit from reading them. So please help spread this around.

Dear FBI,
   I know that you are faced with your own sets of difficulties around the crisis of the technological targeting of human beings, and that I can not even begin to understand the problems you are faced with. But I know that families of FBI agents are also being targeted. Because I am one of those family members, I deeply feel for you. I also feel driven to do all that I can to save my own life and that of others who are being targeted. . .and you are the only ones whom we can look to for help. This is a grave situation that is in deep need of the type of attention that can bring a positive outcome for all of humanity.
   In some of my early interactions with the FBI, I gained hope for help to arise for us. Though there were no open promises, I saw a Light shining behind the scenes and felt that there are good agents who are aware of the targeting and want to do the right thing. 
   With this letter I am praying for every decent human being in the FBI, and other government agencies, to stand in the pride of knowing that you did the right thing - that you stood up for victims of remote technological targeting. . .and ultimately all of humanity in that process.
   I understand that this is an extremely difficult situation and I can not even imagine what types of walls you are up against. But I am deeply concerned that this crisis can not continue without lethal consequences for all of humanity. It even appears that covert operations to rescue us are slyly infiltrated by those who target us.
      I am deeply sorry for the times when my anger has been unjustly aimed at you. Please understand that it rises from my pain, concern and fear for all of us. My heart feels for ALL of us. . .including you. Please understand. And please let your Hearts help us. You are all we have to depend on for help. Please reach past the walls of oppression and let America continue to stand for Freedom and Liberty for all. Please.

With Deep Sincerity and Hope for ALL
Targeted Individual - Sharon R. Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057

 Microwaves vamped up on me right after I posted this.

 Our only enemy is that which pushes us to
 fight each other, instead of Loving each other.


Note to citizens who are engaging in the covert war against our government,
   I feel for you because I believe that most of you are mind control victims. I have witnessed and experienced that those who are targeting us are literally brainwashing us into blaming our government as a whole. Nothing is perfect, especially during these trying times. I believe that there is good and bad everywhere and that the good in our government may be our only hope for this hell to end in a positive way The manipulations set up to cause us to blame the wrong people or organizations are HUGE. And it seems like the innocent are the ones who are being hurt most.
   Please help stop the covert war. PLEASE let go of the fight. NOBODY should be experiencing technological targeting. . .not even the criminals who are targeting us. Nobody should be aiming lethal weapons at anyone unless it is in a moment of self defense during a life threatening situation. Please stop the covert war.