My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Intentions Matter More than Words

   I have said this to those who appear to be trying to covertly help me, many times through the past year and a half. And I fully believe it. Good intentions do good and bad intentions do bad. . .and when they are mixed together it all looks bad. . .until the good steps out and stands up for what's right. 
   My intentions have been to expose and stop these crimes and bring genuine, caring help to victims of remote technological targeting and experimentation...etc., (myself included)  and do the best I can to protect myself as I experience an insanely confusing array of various levels of targeting and other types of covert chaos. I have no doubt that I've made a lot of mistakes, especially during the times when I've been being more heavily microwaved. But I feel, in my heart, that anyone who can listen to their Hearts (above all else) can easily forgive and excuse my bloops due to the inhumane conditions, which I've been forced to survive and function in, through the past few decades. 
    I am hoping and praying for the good in humanity to stand up and do what is right - to stand up and save itself from further technological  abuse...etc.,. . .and, in that process, provide honest protection for those of us who are being literally tortured. We need this in ways that are not covert - are not slyly orchestrated or overseen by those who target us.