My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Thursday, January 15, 2015

From the Heart of Hope

* All the technological, covert, pharmaceutical and chemical targeting of humanity has stopped.

* Governments and citizens, around the globe, are uniting in recovery efforts for victims and their families, who are all now safe and protected from further targeting.

* Humanity is opening its heart to greater levels than ever before. Greed and selfishness are being  replaced by kindness and consideration for fellow human beings.

P.S. As for my present situation; I have been being hit hard and am still in deep need of honest, non-covert help with protection from further targeting as well as financial help. Since June of 2013 I have been surrounded by debilitating levels of confusion and chaos with covert messaging that appears to come from multiple groups aside from the primary perpetration. (Actually, this is also just when I started noticing more.) Over and over again I have had it validated that the core of the targeting is indeed a satanic occult and other parts of it appear to be puppets whom they use.
  I wish genuine help would just please stand up for us. And, of course, I want all else to go away and leave me alone.
   Efforts to drug or contaminate the food I buy appears to have vamped up again. My writings have been being interfered with. My computers and email accounts have been infiltrated. I am experiencing periodic severe episodes of the lasering of my brain and other parts of my body.
   There appears to be recent threats against a couple of my family members and I am praying for NON-covert safety and protection for them as well.