My New "Yearn for Freedom" Blog;

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Literary Concern

       Since 1999 my writings have been tampered with in various ways. . .perhaps more so than I even realize at this point. But what I have noticed is the erasing or altering of my original files in my computers as well as on the web since 2005. Over-all there seems to be repeated rounds of wiping out my old writings in ways that make them appear new. One example of this is with my "Embracing Feelings" book. The original manuscript was destroyed in a suspicious fire in 2001. As I aimed to reconstruct it the floppy discs kept malfunctioning more than what can be a coincidence. I finally did self publish it and then targeting vamped up around it. I again reconstructed it and named it "Embracing Sadness" and published with a company used by a popular web site for authors. This book was blocked from public view and then wiped out. . .with the company saying that they no longer use that publisher. I re-published it with my current publishing company. . . and when the option to list it, as being published prior to the present date, was disabled ONLY for this and two other previously written books. Why? I don't know. And similar things appear to be happening to other writings. Sometimes the publishing date of the books are not even listed like they are on other people's books. Is this a browser malfunction or something else?

  I have often experienced delays, like blocked web access and microwave attacks, as I aimed to post new writings on the web. This has even happened with blog posts and simple little articles. I also experience periodic interference with my writings AS I WRITE. . .through infiltrations in my computers. One example of this is  how link addresses have been altered more consistently than can be just normal mistakes. ( a "blank page" thing has been being plugged into many of them.)
    In the book, "Ramblings of a Targeted Individual,  there were periods of glitches in my Quark program. On one of these occasions, four pages of information appeared to be suddenly gone. . .as if someone else were also editing it while I did. (My computers are obviously infiltrated and I do not know what they were erasing. . .and I can not afford to do anything about it at this point!)
   Another concern is that the site, where I publish my books, has suddenly changed its programming in a way that now allows the content of my books to be altered AFTER they have been published.  This is great for me to be able to fix my own little bloops instead of doing a new edition. But it also leaves a door open for possible perpetration alterations.

   When I first mentioned, in the book description, that alterations were being made to my writings, I was microwaved.

P.S. As I wrote this, a  couple of guys came to sit near me and are having a lengthily conversation about relatives dieing and my brain is being lasered. Please help pray for protection for my family and my X husband's family. I've experienced heavy perpetration/puppet stuff this morning.

P.S.S. This morning's puppet conversation, which was VERY obviously staged for my ears, talked a lot about tumors and cancers and deaths of relatives. While this was taking place my head was being lasered/microwaved so hard that a part of it has been left sore to the touch and I have an odd feeling in that part of my brain. Are they just terrorizing me? Or would they use microwaves, which inflict tumors, and then try to blame the tumor for my pain...etc., in order to hide the technological targeting? I'm sure they would but hope they won't and don't get away with it if they do. Again, I am in deep need of protection from further technological targeting. FYI; the pain in my head is now in the same place that was hit during the recent episode of being microwaved/lasered in THREE different ways, which appeared to be a threat that said, "See what I can do to you." I already knew what they can do, but if we all keep giving up, hiding or letting silence allow these crimes to continue. . .what will become of humanity?  Please stand up for humanity if not for me and others who are being tortured and terrorized.