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Saturday, December 13, 2014

From Blame to Forgivness. . .and Peace?

  Like I have previously expressed, as I realize more about what is happening in this covert technological war, I also realize how important it is to remain objective and help aid a resolution instead of leaping to place blame.
   I have repeatedly aimed to find the Truths and point a finger at the primary perpetrators, with the hope of this ending the hell that many of us are experiencing. . .and help save all of humanity from the continuation and growth of the harm and control that criminal use of radio wave technologies are inflicting upon us. And I am still grappling with this. My mind wants to know but my heart says that I can't fully know, while being targeted.
    But many will balk at this because. . .well. . .then there's those who think that the governments are doing all the targeting in this war that must have begun around 1953 when CIA's Allen Dulles is reported (in an article by Phillip Coppens) to have stated that "the Cold War was moving into a new era of psychological warfare. . ." 
    There is much confusion as to which country is doing what. British General Barrie Trower claims that the British were the leading experts on microwave weapons. Russia was obviously ahead of the USA with the construction of the SURA. Other countries are reported to be utilizing microwave weapons. I recently read a report that the USA has since surpassed them all. I feel certain that microwave weapons are being used by some sort of dark/satanic occult that probably has members in all countries. And the weapons may be evolving into things that we are not aware of.
   The bottom line is that it is more than likely that most countries have been involved in using microwave weapons to either target others and/or in aims to preserve our precious Freedom.  All have probably made mistakes. And our only hope for it to end is to stop blaming "the government" and start forgiving so that unhealthy pride and defense can be replaced by aims to stop the crimes. . .and hope for Peace can arise for ALL our sakes.


P.S.  In the grandest scheme of things. . .humanity has foolishly made some horrible mistakes. And we are ALL responsible for fixing them and bringing Peace and Healing into our crumbling world.

I have a vision of government and citizens holding hands in a successful stand for FREEDOM from all sorts of technological targeting. And I want to hold onto it.