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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Remotely Inflicted Lobotomy?

Posted on Targeted in America on July 24, 2014; I remember reading an article, back in the 1980s, about a new technology that could perform laser surgery on a person, in their own home, through satellites. Then it appears that this was hushed and no more was written about it. Why? Probably because it is being criminally used.
     It appears that some victims of technological targeting are being damaged by remotely inflicted brain surgery destroying the part of their brain that deals with emotions, which is also the creative and spiritual part. I know a few people that this appears to have happened to. Medical tests could prove this. (This is just a small part of what is happening!) Can you imagine the ramifications of allowing these crimes to remain hidden and growing? Can you care? If not, you may be a victim. Either way, PLEASE stand up and help expose these crimes before its too late to stop them from damaging increasing numbers of people.

     Yesterday I had a bit of an emotional melt down - I cried and yelled for those who target me to leave me alone...etc. And I woke this morning with severe piercing pain around and behind my right eye again. I used to think that I was just being tortured for having feelings or for being defiant. But am I being damaged, a little bit at a time, because I refuse to be controlled and refuse to go with those who target us? It appears so. And I pray for this to be stopped in time for me also. PLEASE HELP EXPOSE AND STOP THE TARGETING.