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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Public Writing of "Targeted in America" Book

Half mast in honor of TIs
In this book my focus is on (not yet shared) personal experiences with being targeted. I had originally entitled this the "Covert Puzzle" and may return to this title.

   From the end of 2011 to 2014, I’ve been searching for information on web, in order to provide proof that the targeting is happening, and gain hope that enough people would realize what is happening and help bring it to an end.
   This seems to have failed due to my desperation sharing some links to the confusing array of misinformation that has been floating around the web. There have been times when, like a drowning swimmer, I have groped for answers - any answer that could offer hope for the targeting to be exposed and stopped. And I have sometimes found the wrong answers.
   But I have realized that, even if I posted a thousand genuine links to accurate proof that this targeting is happening, it still does not prove that it is happening to me or any of the dozens of victims I know.
   So, I am aiming to share deeper levels of my own personal experiences with being targeted. And this is what this book is about. I hope it helps all of us. Me too.