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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Disappointing Refrain

I have temporarily removed two of my books from the market. The ("Ramblings of a Targeted Individual" and "Technological Holocaust") But I hope to someday edit and re-publish them.

I had thrown these books together VERY quickly, while I was fearing for my life, literally. Consequently, not much attention was given to detail. I have since realized that I had included articles from other people, which were on my web site. And I have also realized that some of the information I share in them needs updating and editing.

As for me personally; I am struggling with the targeting as much as ever. (More in some ways) Sometimes I refrain from writing about the details because its mostly the same as what I have been sharing for years now. Lately I have been trying to edit my web writings, but seem to have almost steady doses of electromagnetic frequencies drilling
into my brain, which makes it difficult to concentrate. I am also feeling the usual fatigue. The temps here in NH do not blend well with microwaves. I had loved the heat in the past, but since being more heavily targeted with microwaves, I find it difficult to deal with while living in a car with no air conditioning.

P.S. The base of my pinkie finger has close to doubled in size in the past couple days. It felt like it was being lasered with pin point beams, before it suddenly swelled and became painful.

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