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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Follow Only the HEART of Your Own Instincts

  (Revised 6/5/2014)  
   Is someone who is targeting me, and holding me under surveillance, still plagiarizing my writings? It appears so. I print out my blog posts, to prevent changes...etc. And the date on today's print outs were changed to tomorrow's date. This did not happen the second time I printed them.  (the same may have happened to yesterday's posts. I've not checked yet.) This is just one of numerous similar things I have noticed, since 2005. There may be others that I've not noticed.

   So, if there is anyone on the web that is consistently posting the same things that I post, he (or she) is most likely a perpetrator who is targeting and surveilling me. (This only applies to my personal writings and NOT the general info about the targeting, which we ALL need to be posting, in order to reach as much of humanity as possible. It applies to those who interfere with my writings, in order to greedily steal credit or. . .if my intuition serves me correctly, - for plagiarizing perpetrators who may aim to frame me as the one who is plagiarizing. They have repeatedly infiltrated my computer...even changing dates on files, erasing things...etc.)

   I may never be able to clarify or rectify this situation, but I ask that you all please be aware that perpetrators can plagiarize our writings, pretending to be TIs, or pretending to possess our wisdom and ideas...etc., so they can lead people down the wrong paths later...etc. This has happened to me with more than my blog or print outs, as I have expressed in the past.

Most important message here being. . .

My brain is being heavily microwaved this afternoon. I have pain in my head, diminished eye sight, ringing in ears, and writing is taking me about ten times longer than the norm, because I feel mentally numb and keep hitting the wrong keys. (funny how the word 'as' is consistently being typed ass 'ass'...etc. Darn it! I did it again. ;-) Got to hang onto my sense of humor, because its been drifting away lately and that scares me.