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Saturday, May 17, 2014

My temp is still fluctuating between 99.8 and 103 Degrees

This hit was a bit harder than most. It began about a week ago and was proceeded by the usual coughing by covert harassment group members, as they walked by (as well as a chemical smell). . .and is now proving to be a serious challenge. My appetite is almost non existent. My lungs still hurt and heave. My bowel movements are liquid and bright yellow. The past few days also delivered almost steady torture levels of microwaves shot into my brain. All of these things as well as the persistent fever has weakened me to a point where I am concerned. And as we all know, hospitals are not safe places for targeted individuals, who no longer have an honest primary care doctor to over-see things. I'm praying and doing energy work on myself. Its all I can do at this point.