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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hit With Chemicals Again

It appears that I was hit with some sort of chemical a couple days ago, around the time when I was giving reports to local police, state police, sheriff and FBI. The first symptom was burning in my lungs and then pain in my lungs and head along with a fever and periodic coughing. (The fever appears to be microwave induced, because it completely stopped when microwaves stopped for a while yesterday morning.) I had no cold or illness before this suddenly hit me. It does not feel like a normal cold.

I am at my wits end here! Every day I pray for this to be over, for us to regain our freedom. 

I guess they didn't succeed with framing me for murder or a pedofile, so now there appears to be another strong push to have me misdiagnosed with some sort of "mentally illness." Its always something lately! And I pray for it to all end soon. I have honestly taken about all I can stand. I am now doing everything possible to keep myself isolated from the covert harassment part, so that all I have to deal with are the various types of microwaves...etc. These are more than enough.

 Update; (5-17-2014) This chemical hit was a bit harder than most. It was proceeded by the usual coughing by covert harassment group members, as they walked by (as well as a chemical smell). . .and is now proving to be a serious challenge. My appetite is almost non existent. My lungs still hurt and heave. My bowel movements are liquid and bright yellow. The past few days also delivered almost steady torture levels of microwaves shot into my brain. All of these things as well as the persistent fever (between 99.8 and 103) has weakened me to a point where I am concerned. And as we all know, hospitals are not safe places for targeted individuals, who no longer have an honest primary care doctor to over-see things. I'm praying and doing energy work on myself. Its all I can do at this point.

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