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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Go with them or get framed!

   Around a grueling episode of being convince that my mother is still alive, and my leaping through hoops that brought me to Virginia and Connecticut, it also appears that I am being surrounded by threats to frame me if I do not willingly go with those who target me.
   They still appear to be trying to discredit me through what appears to be attempts to frame me for being sexually inappropriate with a child. For about a year now, they put me through periods of puppets following me around with children. They have had puppets yell out, "What did you do to him," and "Its coming" and have even tried to have puppet parents send their children to climb onto my lap to try to reach my computer. (This happened at a McDonalds a few months ago.)
   Although I have never done such a thing and never would, I am concerned because I do know how powerful the mind control stuff can be on unaware victims. . .and I do know that they can do weird things with directed energy weapons. (I have been sexually assaulted by them myself!)
   I am concerned for myself and who ever they may use to accomplish harming me with this sort of thing. I'd also had a dream, (in 2005) which forewarned of my being framed for a sex crime. (I pray that my exposing this helps it to not happen.)
   Though I feel that I have been able to avoid their set ups, there is still a chance that they could just totally fabricate something, even if I do not allow them to have a child climb into my lap, in order to make it appear possible.
   The heat is on right now! They just tried what appeared to be a framing for something while trying to get me to go to places where they claimed my mother was at - a hospital and a residence. I did not completely fall into their traps - I did not follow their orders to walk into the house..., but I am also in a situation where it is difficult to remain under security cameras or remain on guard- anticipating their next scheme. . .every minute of every day.
   I am in deep need of protection from the targeting, which has vamped up into extremely uncomfortable levels. Today, after I again refused to go with them, they said, "OK" as if it means I am in for more hell.

more may be added later. So much is happening right now that I am too overwhelmed. Its been one blow after another for the past few weeks! They are pelting me with one thing after another. I'm emotionally exhausted.

P.S. (revised 5-7-2014) It also appears that there have been attempts to frame me for murder. They have been accusing me of murder as well. I pray for Light and Truth to win.
   I wrote the previous post as I realized that it REALLY is possible that my mother is still alive, due to the nature of the targeting and the pattern, (which I know too well) of their torturing us and then trying to leap in and rescue us.  Its really a sadistic form of abduction, which they seem to feel that they can excuse by calling our choice. I feel that my mother was a Targeted Individual and that she went through a similar process to what I've been being put through, but she did not have the angels that have been helping to expose this crisis since the 1970s. I have deeply prayed and placed it in God's hands.

P.S.S. I put a report in to a police department and the FBI. . .and am wondering if my dreams about a page and a recording being changed are what is now happening. It seems so. Am putting this in God's hands also. There seems nothing I can effectively do at this time.

This is a hell of a battle! (pun intended) May Light/Love win.