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Friday, May 30, 2014

Covert Harassment (gang stalking)

I had condensed  my "Covert Harassment" article for the special edition of the Heart Bud but have been told that it has not been readily downloadable. So, here it is. Feel free to copy and share it as long as no changes are made to it.

Covert Harassment
The Secret Criminal Part of Our Own Societies
by Sharon Rose Poet

Covert Harassment programs are referred to as gang stalking, organized stalking, cause stalking, predatory stalking, mobbing and Cointelpro.
   It is an organized bullying operation that is designed to inconspicuously, psychologically terrorize an individual and destroy every aspect of our lives, through holding us under 24 hour satellite surveillance while stalking and harassing us, infesting our homes with chemicals or parasites, slandering us, framing us, discrediting us and sabotaging our jobs, homes, vehicles and relationships. 
   Victims are usually isolated from all sources of help, and financially ruined,  before the targeting vamps into the most destructive levels. Many victims have been framed for uncommitted crimes, labeled with “mental illness,” “PTSD,” “paranoid schizophrenia,” forced into suicide or inconspicuously murdered in other ways. Most of us suffer indescribably.
  This form of targeting is so cruel and inhumane that its difficult to believe it exists and freely continues in "free" countries like the USA. But it does. It really does. 
  This has been secretly happening for so long that most communities already have an organized bully group under the mask of “community watch” groups, which include law enforcement, veterans, fire fighters, medical personnel and common citizens as well as dark occult members. 
   Growing numbers of unaware people are being victimized by, or roped into, these deceptive operations that falsely list us as “possible terrorists” or “pedophiles”...etc., in order to get community groups to covertly harass and terrorize us. My guess is that most victims are like me - innocent witnesses and/or victims of domestic violence that have been put on the hit list by criminals.
   Some group members seem to be decent people, who just want to keep our communities safe, and do not realize that they are following the orders of criminals who are Targeting innocent people. Many appear to be mind control victims who do not realize that THEY have become “terrorists” to those whom they target. And some have pure criminal or satanic intentions, which attacks victims with drug, chemical, biological and parasite warfare, death threats and levels of domestic violence that would make most of you cringe. 
   Victims of covert targeting have been thought to be only famous or political individuals, but this is not the truth. This sadistic targeting is being done to common citizens, whistle blowers, dissidents, witnesses to crimes, outspoken writers...etc. Victims of this program are usually also being targeted with radio wave technologies (mind control, microwave and laser weapons) and the results are devastating or lethal.
   Aaron Alexis - the navy yard shooter, was obviously a heavily Targeted Individual - an unhelped victim of both covert harassment and microwave targeting. 
   The results will continue to be lethal for increasing numbers of people, until these crimes are honestly exposed and the rest of humanity finds the heart to face it and the courage to stand up and help bring it to an end.

  If you are involved in a bully group, PLEASE STOP, before it is too late for you to escape being charged as an accomplice to the psychological and physical murders that YOU are helping to inflict. You are hurting innocent people and even REAL criminals do not deserve to be tormented and tortured. Seriously. Remember that. . .

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