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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Wisdom 101

   Idea inspired by the attitudes of those who target me and seem to think so highly of holding a college degree. I am surprised that our universities do not teach the basic wisdom that is required, in order for us to function properly in humanity.
   This morning, after a little run in with four perpetrators, I blasted those who hold me under surveillance and try to degrade me. It felt good to vent at a time when I needed to blow off some steam. And I thought I'd also share a bit of what I said here.
   I imagined a college course called "Wisdom 101" which would include basic, and sadly fading, old fashion teachings on the following subjects.

1. Respect for Fellow Human Beings; How to respect other people's right to private, peaceful enjoyment of their own lives. Learning non-intrusive behaviors.

2. Turning Inward; Learning to tune into and follow our own Hearts and Wisdom, instead of dictatorships. Allowing peaceful time to think and process our life experiences so that we can make wise choices.

3. Personal Growth; Learning how to embrace our feelings - our basic human nature, so that we do not become like dysfunctional, mechanical robots.

4. Standing up for What We Believe In; How to find the courage to stand up for what we feel is right, even in the face of opposing forces.

Wouldn't it be nice if universities grow to the point of including a course like this as a prerequisite to ALL degree programs? I think so. Perhaps this technological holocaust would not even exist if more of us were encouraged to honor these basic, common suggestions for ourselves as well as others.
   I know - I know - many may laugh and see this as my being "too idealistic" again, but how can things ever get better if we do not have ideal ideas or goals?