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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Psychological Labels Sweep Crimes Under Tables

    A strong perpetration push for aware Targeted Individuals has been to label us with some sort of false text book diagnosis, (like "mentally ill" or "PTSD" or "paranoid schizophrenia"). This has not happened to me, but the threat of it has been there since 2005. The set ups for these labels are started early in the targeting process, often through the brainwashing of family members. 
   The labels allow the targeting to remain hidden and freely continuing, which can hurt us in ways that are even worse than the actual technological and harassment parts of the targeting, because it prevents needed acknowledgment and validation of crimes that ARE indeed being committed against us. It can also rob us of trust in ourselves and the hope that this nightmare will ever end for any of humanity. The labels, and the threat of applying them, are a lethal part of  the targeting process.

   Please understand that labeling/crushing us merely enables these crimes to continue hurting increasing numbers of people. There is not much hope for any of us until the rest of humanity finds the Heart and the Courage to face and help expose the FULL Truths around the technological targeting.
   I pray for this, now more than ever, because its the secrecy and the silence around these crimes that make them grow. They need to be exposed and stopped. Please find the Heart to do what is right instead of adding to our pain. Please find the heart to face this devastating reality and then find the courage to stand up and help bring it to an end.