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Friday, April 11, 2014

Mind Reading?

 In 2012 I'd read reports, which state that the latest advancements in mind control technologies have mind reading capabilities. I've been reluctant to fully believe that this is possible. It sounds a bit too outrageous. However, it appears that it is indeed happening. I have noticed many times, in the past year, when those who target me seem to be responding to my thoughts.
   In a projected dream, I had last night, an old friend said, "If you so much as THINK about mind control it will start a process." (This is a typical covert message that never fully describes exactly what will happen. . .leaving us to wonder and worry and never fully understand what or why or how...etc.)

    Yesterday I got a message, through a puppet at a grocery store, which said, "I'm so excited! I have a new computer. It works a lot better." In the past week (or so) I've had new unusual types of targeting in my brain, aside from the targeting of my eyes. It does indeed appear that the targeting has vamped up into new levels.

    If the intrusive criminals who do this to us foolishly think they can know us through reading their computer's interpretations of our thoughts we are in serious trouble, because they can not know our hearts, and what is in our hearts is often different from random thoughts or ideas.

P.S Added June 7, 2014) This is a VERY interesting article;