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Friday, April 11, 2014

How do I Feel?

I am being bombarded lately! And I feel indescribably scared and trapped and hurt. . .and frustrated that no REAL help is here for us yet. I am surrounded and watched every second of every day in a covert hell that grows and threatens and terrorizes and ridicules and misjudges...etc.
    Lately, every day seems to bring a new twist in this nightmare. Aside from the lasering of my eyes and brain in new ways, recent threats are to disable me, kill me, own me, frame me, institutionalize me...etc. The "help" still seems to only want to label us instead of Truly helping us. This is a grim situation!
    I feel angry and hurt that honest parts of our own media and law enforcement have not stood up for us, and that we are being forced to try to accomplish THEIR jobs WHILE BEING TORTURED, in order to help inform the public, save the lives that are being destroyed, including our own! Our efforts are so tortured and sabotaged, by those who target us, that the results seem too small. The pain and hell we are experiencing truly is completely indescribable. I'm sure that most people (even those who are aware) can not even imagine this horrible reality, which freely continues and grows.
    My heart still feels that the criminals will not win - that enough of humanity will eventually find the Heart and the Courage to fully stand up and start bringing an end to this holocaust. But will it happen in time for me? Is there hope for me? Can anyone care enough about me? It appears not, at this point. Those who could be helping me have not been allowed to do so in the ways that are needed most. But I feel that those who are aware of what is happening will eventually learn to care enough about themselves and their own loved ones, in order to stand up, expose and end this hell for those who are still alive or functioning at that point in time. And this is my consolation.

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