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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Bit Overwhelmed

   I have been through so much that I sometimes seem to drift into denial about some things, until
something jolts be back to the ugly reality I am living. I've recently had a few of those jolts. Two ministers who have helped me have recently told me that they just experienced deaths of someone they were close to. Is it just more coincidences? I guess those who'd want to cover for the criminals would leap into saying so. But, inflicting the death of a loved one appears to be a pattern in the sadistic targeting process. Apparently, if they put a person into a state of shock or overwhelm it is easier to successfully mind control them.
Jim Keith explains this process in his book, "Mind Control World Control."

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How am I? Not so well. I'm hanging in here though. I find that, since last spring I am too overwhelmed to keep up with posting all that happens to me. Sometimes I am blocked from the web also. But today I was microwaved to the point of draining the battery in both my phone and my computer at the same time as inflicting the usual types of microwaved pain in my head. Thus far, this is actually a fairly good day in comparison to many, though. 
  I know that I have asked many times, and hate to have to ask still, but I am in such a desperate need of people finding the Heart to send me levels of financial help that can help me to survive and continue my work. I am still being heavily targeted and my work so sabotaged that it feels like my only hope is to get enough financial help from my fellow human beings. I really do need huge monetary miracles. This is not a scam. It was True when I started asking and it is more true now. Please let your Heart help me as much as you can.

Help can be sent with "Green Dot" refill cards, which are available at Wall-Mart and CVS...etc., and also with money orders, checks, cash or Pay Pal. PLEASE find the heart to help me and trust that I am responsible enough to use it wisely. 

Sharon Rose Poet
PO Box 383
Mont Vernon, NH 03057